Professor Pettibone, eminent Victorian balloonist, has a problem. He can't get it up. His balloon that is. If he can't reach an altitude of 20,000 feet, and soon, both he and his mysterious travelling companion Hubert Booby will be burned to a cinder by an erupting volcano! But what is Mr. Booby concealing under his overcoat? Do all Ecuadorian peasants have BSc's? And what, in the name of all that's holy, is THE CURSE OF THE BLUE IBIS?

* 1st Place, Adrift Spring Competition 2003 *

* 1st Place, Adrift End of Year Competition 2003 *

* Winner of 3 INSIDE ADRIFT awards; Best Game, Best Small Game and Most Original Plot / Setting *

* Finalist: 2003 XYZZY Awards; Best Game, Best Writing, Best Story, Best Setting, Best Use of Medium *

* "TOP DOG" - Home of the Underdogs *

My second game, To Hell in a Hamper was originally written in ADRIFT for a one-room game competition I organised myself in 2003. However I missed the deadline, so entered it instead in that year's Spring Comp. To my surprise it won, and went on to be nominated for five XYZZY awards. I wrote the TADS 2 version in response to reviews of the game which felt that it was let down by the ADRIFT parser. To play this game offline you will need the HTML TADS Player's Kit, as well as the game file which can be downloaded here. It can also be played online thanks to a marvellous little applet called "Jetty" by Dan Shiovitz.

"Overall, this game fits into a growing category of works that combine light puzzles with strong pacing and good comic writing. I'd also put [2003]'s Best Puzzles winner Gourmet (Aaron Reed, 2003) into that group, along with the first chapters of Fine Tuned (Dennis Jerz, 2001) and several of J. Robinson Wheeler's games. As it happens, I really enjoy such pieces. They don't always get the recognition that other games do, perhaps because they're not perceived as groundbreaking experimental work or as hard-core puzzle-fests. But humor and pacing are a real challenge to get right in IF, and a good IF comedy has a special charm of its own." Emily Short, IF-Review

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